Raise Awareness in a BIG way

Have fun showing off the big heart of your furry best friend while raising awareness for local dog rescues by participating in the BigDog Best Friends photo contest.

Show us what you love most about your dog – their big smile, big personalities, big energy, and more – for an opportunity to win incredible prizes for a local, non-profit dog organization of your choice!*

Dog rescues throughout the country work tirelessly to provide protection, care, and shelter to stray and lost animals. Now, with the BigDog Best Friends photo contest, you have the chance to become part of an incredible journey to help give back to those who give so much.

Did you know…

  • Local rescues depend heavily on volunteers dedicated to saving the lives of dogs who have suffered from neglect, cruelty, or abandonment.
  • From donations, rescues are able to care for dogs, get them treated, and match them with the perfect forever family.
  • Across the country, local rescues work with other organizations to nurture and adopt dogs into permanent, loving homes.
  • Many rescues spay/neuter, microchip, and vaccinate dogs to ensure they are in good health.

Get your camera ready and join us to raise support for
non-profit dog organizations in your own backyard that give dogs a second chance and a forever home.

*See complete rules below


Snap a photo of a dog you love.

Complete the form and upload
the photo of your best bark buddy.

After you enter, share with the world using #BigDogBestFriends
One (1) winner will be chosen every month by Big Dog.


Pigeon, submitted by Erica Deeb is our JULY 2018 WINNER!

Erica Deeb from Savannah, GA will be awarded a $300 gift card to a local pet store and she will be able to give SD Gunner Fund $5,000 and a BigDog® Alpha Mower!

This admirable non-profit organization assists Veterans and disabled children with the financial expense of owning service animals & help obtaining them.


Gander, submitted by Lon Hodger is our JUNE 2018 WINNER!

Lon Hodger from Great Lakes, IL will be awarded a $300 gift card to a local pet store and he will be able to give Operation Fetch $5,000 and a BigDog® Alpha Mower! This great non-profit organization rescues dogs from shelters in different states.


Mashmallow, submitted by Jessica Dewitt is our MAY 2018 WINNER!

Jessica will be donating her prize of $5,000

and a BigDog Alpha Mower to Kansas City English Bulldog Rescue. “Ruff Life” Marshmallow is a foster. He is 9 months old. He has a tethered spine and will eventually be paralyzed in his hind legs. After his neuter and cherry eye surgery he developed pnuemonia and MRSP (a version of MRSA) in his lungs. He is fighting like a champ and has beaten all the odds against him!”


Mandi, submitted by Dolly Smith is our AUGUST WINNER!

Dolly will be donating her prize of $5,000

and a BigDog Alpha zero-turn mower to Canine Estates Inc. of Palm Harbor, Florida. Dolly is a volunteer at the organization and timing couldn’t be more perfect because they had just rescued 10 dogs from the Hurricane Irma devastation.


Each winner will receive a $300 gift card
at any local pet store of your choice

$5,000 and a new BigDog® Alpha mower to a local, non-profit
dog organization the winner selects* (total value of $8,000)

*must be certified 501c3 organization and approved by BigDog

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The contest has now ended!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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